Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kids can cook .....

The kitchen is deadly quite, this is strange for just minutes ago I could her singing and chopping as little miss five year old made some afternoon tea for both of us, chop, sing, chop sing, chop, sing, chop, silence, silence, silence
Now I could get up and rush to the kitchen, scoop up little Miss Five year old and rush her off to the A&E, frantically phoning ahead to make sure that they have her blood type and that medics are at the ready.  “honey are you OK” I called out, silence, silence, silence.  Now silence is not a bad thing, it says to my male brain that it cant be that bad or else there would screaming and crying or even a thud as she hits the floor.  “honey, can I help you” I asked again, silence, silence, silence
Now I could get up and rush to the kitchen grabbing the first aid kid from the bathroom, wet cloths and clean towels to clean up the pending injuries that may be in the kitchen.  It takes years of skills to reframe from reacting (or a very good video like Cinderella and the princess’s diary)and rushing to the rescue.  My left handed male brain told me to wait, wait, wait – “ honey, I am in the lounge if you need me”  silence silence silence.  Mother would have had kittens by now but is my years of kitchen work and assure me that everything is going to be OK
The latest project that I am proud to be a part of is the The Kids can Cook Kitchen.  Its focus is to look at what food choices are grown locally  in our communities and what is available to students and their families, as well as the impacts that this has on them.  Mother nature and seasonality are mixed with some fun to then be baked into a interactive and social kitchen experiment.  This mobile kitchen experiment is all about interacting with kitchen tools, gardens and things that kids would not normally touch because they may get their hands dirty or they may make a mess in a otherwise pristine kitchen environment.  The Kitchen is a Marlborough Farmers’ Market project and is designed to fit into any venue, any place at any time.  It is innovative, practical and the future of learning.  It is one of the most exciting projects that I have been involved in and it involves kids with sharp knives.
“honey, how is my afternoon going, I am getting hungry” I called out three minutes late …….a little head appeared around the corner, followed by a trail of the loo paper that had one end secured around her little finger and the other end firmly attached to the wall some 20 M away, “ daddy,  I have cut my finger “ she informed me as she sought a cuddle.  There is one thing I have learnt, that is that you have to  lets kid learn as and when they are ready,  even my 16 year trainees cuts themselves in their first week but I am not sure if they will appreciate the same cuddles to make it better………

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