Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Cost of food ? Is it expensive ?

So you think that food is expensive
Food is expensive, compared to what ?
If you compare bottle water against red bull or V then k then yes water is expensive
If you compare healthy milk against Coke or Lemonade then yes milk is expensive
If you compare Apples against Lollies then yes apples are expensive
If you compare cauliflower and carrots to deep-fried chips and potatoes crips then yes cauliflower and carrots are more expensive
This issue is not that food is expensive; the issue is the bad food is too cheap. Food that is not healthy or good for us is often cheaper than real food, it is dressed up in bright and colourful packaging, it has a million dollar marketing campaign behind it, and we are sold light and fluffy products that they tell us is food. This is not NZ food or European food, this is American food that we are being sold, much like the American pasteurised TV that we are force feed as part of our weekly entertainment diet. Just like TV, food is about moderation, too much of anything alters the balance of what reality is, it alters the balance of what the real cost of food is
I want food that I can tell what it is by looking at it. I want food that has one part, not a conglomeration of a hundred ingredients. I want vegetables that still look like plants, meat that still looks like bloody muscle. I want a meal that does not leave me wondering what I just ate.
I want to consume the sustenance of my being that was not liquidized, transformed into a paste, and re-solidified with a spin of a magician’s wand into something palatable. Or so I am lead to believe is palatable. I want food that does not have a cartoon characters endorsing it, or a free toy which would taste better than that substance it was delivered with. I want to be able to choose what I purchase, transparent and accountable.
The USA has master the art of taking food an turning it into a plastic, then taking this plastic and convincing the world that it is food. Processed food is the cheapest food in the country. To eat an old fashioned meal that is the sum of its obvious parts means that you need to fork out the money: you must pay to know what you eat. In European countries, eating cheap food means fresh vegetables and meat sold in an open air market; in the USA, cheap food means pre-packaged, never dying, mysteriously created, perfect looking, cryogenically preserved “stuff.”
Here I am ranting and raving, off on a tangent, pushing a my own barrow, spinning my own spin, but when you are immersed in the food world you get to see the whole, you get to see the direction we are going in, the direction is that good food is more expensive than bad food, you tell me what is wrong with this picture. Everything in moderation including moderation

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