Friday, May 20, 2011

Well deserved Winner of NZ Rural Womans Award

Lisa Harper is Supreme Winner !!

Lisa Harper attended the awards ceremony at the Rural Women New Zealand National Conference 2011 on Friday night and has just been announced the overall supreme winner.

Well done Lisa from the Marlborough Farmers' Market Team.

Making cheese is something the Harper women have done for generations. We lovingly coax fresh milk into cheese, in our tiny farm dairy, from recipes more than two centuries old. Each cheese is hand-crafted using traditional methods, which have been discarded by modern dairy factories in the quest for efficiency. At Sherrington, we choose to make only limited quantities of cheese, using the old ways, because we believe it creates a better product - this is the way cheese was before mechanisation and standardisation became the norm. Sherrington cheeses look, smell and taste the way they were meant to - a real taste of history.

Strengthening rural communities is the aim of Rural Women New Zealand.

As an organisation they are constantly working to enhance our position as a respected voice of rural New Zealand families and communities.

They aim to develop rural communities by valuing rural uniqueness, understanding the needs of rural communities and working with agencies and RWNZ members to develop a strong rural network.

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