Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marlborough Puffery

You might be forgiven for thinking that we live in a town that is full of negative doom and gloom citizens, this is judged by the number of personality driven media campaigns and Puffery that is currently placed on the Marlborough District Council.




Our present and past council staff and councillor’s fronted by Mayor Alistair Sowman have done a outstanding job of representing our region, the assets that we have now and the infrastructure that we want for our children. They gather all of the facts, they make decisions based on these and they move towards the future.

The majority of negative people have half the facts, are personality driven and keep pulling things backwards and sideways, and are the first to preach a undemocratic society or that they are exercising there democratic right depending on what side of the fence they are standing on today.

I will personally contribute, to a one way air-ticket to Australia, to those negative people that feel that they are hard done by here in Marlborough. Part of our role as community citizens is to support the people who put themselves forward into the position of governance, right or wrong they me be, they have all of the facts and work in all of our best interests as a community. To redeem your "I am a Negative B**** " voucher for your one way air ticket please send a self addressed envelope to P O BOX 991, Blenheim


Chris Fortune




Professional Love Marlborough Consultant

PS: Great Communities don’t just happen ! They are created, nurtured and substained by caring, connected and involved residents…..Peter Kenyon

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