Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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“The future is not a place to which we are going; it is a place we are creating. The paths to the future are not found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination “  (John Schaar)

The Marlborough Farmers’ Market is about to enter into its 10 th year Anniversary and part of this celebration is the publishing of our 2011 Calendar that shines the spotlight on what we have available in our bountiful region.    The growing popularity of Farmers’ Markets is something being seen worldwide and for a host of reasons.  The awareness (or concern) of what’s in our food and growing demand for regional, unadulterated natural produce, climate concerns and the investment into local resources, sustainable agriculture as well as influential television chefs pushing fresh seasonal ingredients combined with good old nostalgia and supporting community ideals are just a few of the influences causing Farmers’ Markets to flourish in New Zealand.   Whatever the reasons, the benefits are tremendous for the communities involved and can now  be enjoyed by everyone.

 A lady came rushing up to me one day to ask me how could I bring myself to  eat animals that i know and have raised all of their lives, having fed them, raised them and cuddled them, given them cute  names (Salt and Pepper and  Minty ).  How could i possible bring myself to eat these cute little heavenly creatures with four legs and a tail ?   My reply to her : How could you eat something that you did not know where it came from and how it was raised ? 

The 2011 MFM Calendar features the sumptuous and engaging photography of our own local photographer,  Jim Tannock artfully collated on the page by local graphic designer by Alex Lloyd.  This first edition of the MFM calendar is now on sale at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market, Marlborough’s cellar doors and selected shops and business’s throughout the region.  .  It is tasty  asset of our food producing region to be hung in the kitchen or parlour, hallway or den – remember that ten years ago we did not have the same  opportunity to openly  support local food producers in such a united way, today we can do this at one of the any 50 Farmers’ Markets now operating right around NZ from Bluff to Bay of Islands.  Marlborough should be proud, we were the second in NZ to showcase the best of our region, the key to its success is ensuring that it remains a food market where local growers, farmers and food producers can sell their wares directly to the consumer.  

‘Great communities don’t just happen! – They are created, nurtured and sustained by caring, connected and involved residents and service providers.’    (Peter Kenyon)

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