Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Son, take your Tomato Sauce or you wont get any pudding !!

Now I cook for and place dinner on the table for tens of thousands of people each year and so given one Mr 8 year old boy,  you would think it would be easy to get him to eat 1 teaspoon of medicine so that it would make him feel better after a very sever bout of the animal flu kind.  Day one of medicine was compulsory as beloved eight year old was on death bed and anything was better than nothing as far as he was concerned – by day two, now feeling better (must have been the Jelly and ice-cream) the attitude of because I am feeling better,  I am no longer sick,  so therefore do not have to take my medicine,  has now settled in
Mr Eight year is now refusing to take anything, to the point of having sacrificed his toys, computer time, TV time and any other special privileges that Mum and Dad can think of.    2 hours later and time out  (for Mum and Dad) has resulted in the family getting in the car and threatening to take Mr eight year old  to the hospital so that the Doctor can inject him with his medicine if he is not going to take it orally.  Everything is fine until we pull up outside the emergency entrance,  and then the tears start, the promises and the pleading of “ I will take my medicine”.   Marching up to the doors Mr Eight year old is making as much noise as the building team demolishing the old hospital and with out further ado we are soon in the waiting room with tension building ever second and minute.   Within tens minutes a male nurse has shown Mr Eight Year old the largest needle he can find and measured his bottom to see if it will fit there.  Wide eye and eager to prove that he could indeed take his medicine when told to with no commotion or dramas  Mum and Dad are able to breath a sigh of relief as taking medicine is like feeding tomato sauce to him now.
In the  1930s, tomato sauce in American was the medicine of the future, reputed to cure anything from baldness to athletes  foot, and all points in between. Famous today, the H.J. Heinz company rooted out scientific studies which claimed that tomatoes had antioxidants which were beneficial in preventing cancers. While that is true, the carotenoid known as lycopene, occurs in such small quantities, that even when applied liberally to your lunch, the benefits are pretty much nil.  I wonder if you can inject Tomato sauce  then ?

Five other uses for Tomato Sauce
Shine your copper
Whether you have copper-bottomed cooking pans, architectural detailing, or shiny knick-knacks, forget mucking about with costly and potentially toxic metal polish pastes
Get those auto parts gleaming
The condiment does a good job cutting tarnish, but not so well in removing dirt 
Fight Skunk Odours
Many people still swear by tomato juice as a way to remove potent skunk odour – handy !

Get back prettier hair from chlorine damage
How? Restore your normal hair colour -- or at least the one you paid dearly for -- by applying full strength ketchup to your hair. Smoosh it in, let it linger for about 20 minutes and then wash it out thoroughly.
Soothe wounds
Unused ketchup packets on children's "small booboos and bumps.    "  The kids  LOVE them." Apparently even the mere appearance of the packets often makes their hurts go away

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