Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Porridge - the new battle ground

eating his breakfast !
Dear Mr Fortune,   – HELP !
Please Help, breakfast time at our family has turned into a nightmare experience and I would rather stay in bed than face another morning at the table with our Seven year old son.  As a family we are trying to eat healthy and so breakfast now consists of Porridge and local Sherrington honey on toast, we have Marlborough Windsong organic blueberries from the Freezer and even local apples and pears purchased from the very good farmers market that I use as part of our weekly shop on Sunday mornings.    It is a shame that we cannot purchase local milk but I am sure that we will one day soon.  The problem is that Mr Seven Year Old wont eat his porridge even with all this goodness in it and is there refuses to even taste it saying that it is horrible, yucky, gross, vomit and a number of other things that I cant print.  Please help, we have sent him to his room for four hours, we have kept him at the table for 2 hours and we have taken away his privileges but he still refuses to eat his porridge.  We are not  asking him to eat much, just a teaspoon each morning to try it, Help me, what can I do.  PS – he used to love eating porridge and I have attached a photo for reference
Desperate Porridge Mother Enforcer
Gidday Chris Fortune,  - HELP!
Please help, my mother and father are trying to make me eat something I don’t like, PORRIDGE, !, they have sent me to my room, they have taken away my toys and TV time and even made me sit at the table until I have had a teaspoon full of it. YUCK – I wanted to spit it out and I did once but mummy and daddy told me off.  I have tried yelling at them that it is Gross, I have said that it is horrible, and I want to vomit when it is in my mouth – please help me as I don’t understand  why my parents are making me eat something that I don’t want to ! – can I sue my parents?, is there porridge police ? Mummy and daddy have said some naughty words to me which I don’t understand and now I am all confused.  Help me get my toys back. Help me, help me
From Porridge Hater Number One

Dear Desperate Porridge Mother enforcer and Porridge Hater Number One
It sounds like your breakfast table is the war-ground and the battle is over not the porridge but the fact that you have a young independent boy who is growing up and making decisions for himself as to what we like and dislikes.   Encourage his independence but also you do need to be firm and not allow bad behaviourisms and temper tantrums to rule the breakfast or dinner tables.  I don’t think that 1 teaspoon of porridge is asking too much, however if you were using imported out of season fruits then I would be concerned.  As for Mr Porridge Hater Number One, your mummy and daddy are not asking you to ear tripe or liver (yet) so I would just eat the porridge and leave the battles for something a little more serious
PS:  I found some other letters from another person with similar questions called Desperate Medicine Mother enforcer and Medicine Hater Number One, maybe you could form a support group and share encouraging ideas  for Seven year old independent boys?

Poached Pears for the breakfast table
300ml Water white wine
55g/2oz caster sugar
2 tbsp clear honey 
1 cinnamon stick 
8 Winter Cole pear, peeled and quartered
1. Place the water, sugar, honey, and  cinnamon a deep saucepan. Bring to a gentle simmer and then add the pears. Poach the pears over a low heat for 10-20 minutes or until translucent, turning occasionally.  Chill and serve with Porridge

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