Saturday, May 2, 2009

To respect the carrot

Integrity  of a carrot


Take me as a simple thing,  I believe in what you say to be true,  in the carrot world

Take me at face value, I believe that you expect to be treated the same as how you treat others in the garden

If you provide a good growing environment then I expect you to grow well, and strong with the others

If you weed , nurture and  respect other carrots and vegetable  around you then you would expect the garden to thrive around us

If you provide me with organic (natural) food and fertiliser then I will grow healthy and strong

If you provide me with conventional food and fertiliser (man made) then I will grow healthy and stronger faster and may or may not have a have a complications later in my life depending on my uptake

When the weeds starts to appear in our garden I would hope that they are removed in a natural way and that it is for the benefit of all

When somebody enters into the garden and starts pulling out the weeds then there is more room for that garden to grow strong and for all to prospere from the extra light and

I will treat other carrots beside me with respect and integrity while in the garden and until such time as a new crop is sown and the time has come to leave the garden

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