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Having been involved with Farmers' Markets as the chair of Marlborough Farmers' market for the last six years and the current chair of Farmers' Market NZ I have seen the long term sustainable and econimic benefits that these organisations bring to both urban and rural NZ. Farmers' Markets now play a key role in allowing New Zealand food producers to sell directly to the consumer while minamilsing costs and maxamising returns.


Chris has been running Enterprise Training Programs that FMNZ has successfully undertaken in Canterbury, Ashburton, Oxford and Selwyn, Hawkes Bay, Invercargill, Te Puke, Westport and Waimate.    If they are of interest to your producers or market then we have workshop spaces available form May to August 2008.       To find out about how your local Enterprise Training Programs are run and how FMNZ can assist then please contact your local Economic Development office.  Workshops are offered at no cost to participants if they meet the criteria.

To Market At Market -- Growing Your Business at Farmers' Markets
Focused on new producers and stallholders who have joined the market and would benefit from understanding the principles and selling techniques of Farmers’ Markets
Farmers’ Market Committees and managers looking forward - -
Authenticity, Succession and Strategic Planning are important factors in the futures of long term planning and FMNZ highlights the issues and support provided to organisation and groups